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The LMS App is a learning ecosystem that provides structured training experience to individuals and teams. Learners can access different content, quizzes and surveys, manage their training plans and keep track of their progress and performance.

This gamification enabled App lets Learner compete with their peers by achieving badges and points awarded to them based on different rules on performance and competition. A leaderboard helps learners keep track of their position with respect to their peers.

Learners also can experience personalized and group coaching interventions from within the app, through dedicated coaching chatrooms.

Learners can nominate themselves to various online content assigned to them by their coaches beyond their structured training plan. And also nominate themselves for synchronous learning interventions like classroom trainings and webinars through the app and receive personalized feedback from their coaches.

All in all this learning app is truly a learner’s coach in their palm.Coaches can goto this page to know more.

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